GIMME SHELTER 1 raised $1700 for groceries  for Geelong’s asylum-seeker and refugee families!

Gimme Shelter, The Workers Club, Spinning Half and Diversitat presented Gimme Shelter 1, a grocery fundraiser for Geelong’s asylum-seeker and refugee families. Held in Refugee Week 2017, Gimme Shelter raised $1700 to help vulnerable families with their day-to-day living needs.


It was a wonderful night with a great vibe. The performers were top shelf, the auctions were a frenzy of bidding and everyone wore a smile.


Gimme Shelter says a big thank you to:

The awesome performers – Freya Josephine Hollick and Mitch Power, Sarah Carroll, Rowan Roebig, John Kenyon and Damien Toussaint of Riflebirds, and Dan Brodie and Chris Brodie


Jeremy Callan and Pulse TV for filming

Phil Hines for photography

David Seery for drawing caricatures to raise money


Michael Martinez, Cathy Harper and Maureen O’Dowd at Diversitat for supporting and sponsoring Gimme Shelter

Workers’ Club Geelong for the venue and feeding bands

Pulse radio and TV, KRock, Forte, Geelong Advertiser, Surfcoast Times

Sponsors Nevermind Adventure, Geelong Football Club, Pivotonian Cinema, Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery and Kmart

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